Put the Cost of Caring to Bed


Can You Spare $1.66?

In 2015, 57% of our girls had no funding source. This means The Covering House covered 100% of the therapeutic, educational, medical and personal care for the majority of the girls in our long-term therapeutic home. As you can imagine, those costs add up quickly.

But if 91 sponsors contributed just $1.66 every day for 12 months, we could completely cover the cost to keep one bed full for an entire year!

“For most people, $50 is a nice dinner. It’s movie night with an extra-large popcorn. For The Covering House, $50 means a month’s worth of art supplies for the Arts & Expressions class, 5-7 books for the literature class, 3-weeks of nutritional snacks or a week’s worth of gas.”
                                    – Lindsey Ellis, Executive Director of The Covering House.

Will you join us and help us put the cost of caring to bed?