Dancing in the Rain

Can you think of a time in your life when you felt completely free? Most of us experience freedom for the first time when we are allowed to pick out our clothes for school, or when we get our driver’s license and take the car out with friends. For others, it’s the first week of college and you are completely free to make your own decisions. We each experience a sense of freedom at different moments in our lives.

But for the girls living in our long-term therapeutic home, many of them had never experienced any kind of freedom. We aimed to change that.

Recently, our girls studied Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and we focused on the theme of “freedom.” Each girl was asked to write a journal entry about the time she felt the freest. One girl wrote:

“A time I felt the freest was when Ms. Suzy, the girls, and I all went and danced in the rain. I didn’t have anything on my mind except dancing, having fun and how amazing the rain felt on my skin. At that moment all my problems had gone away and I had no stress. I felt free because I wasn’t forced to do it and actually really wanted to do it, I felt a sense of friendship and pure joy from each soul that day. Some people see rain as a bad thing as or a sad thing, but I see it as God is giving the earth pure natural water and is giving us chances to dance in the rain and let everything go. In that moment I felt as if time STOPPED moving. If I had to rate it, I wouldn’t because it was too great to rate. I was free from stress, trauma, and anxiety. I was free to create a great memory and free to be a kid and experience something priceless. I was free to actually enjoy myself. It was a great experience and I will always remember it.” – A.B.

Can you believe something as simple as dancing in the rain could evoke such intense emotion?

Freedom. Safety. Dignity. Those are the experiences and the feelings we want our girls to feel when they are with us at The Covering House. Each girl is working through an unspeakable trauma, yes, but the trauma does not need to define her.

In 2018, The Covering House plans to expand in several ways. First, we need additional space. The need is greater than the five beds we currently have available. It is also critical to open a 24/7 emergency center to provide girls a safe place to stabilize from the trauma they experienced. Finally, we also plan to add a case manager to our staff so we can expand the capabilities of our community-based services.

The Covering House is actively working to achieve these goals as soon as possible, but we need your help. Our holistic approach to trauma-informed care is demonstrating incredible results, but this type of care is expensive. We humbly ask you to give the gift of freedom this holiday season. A financial contribution, no matter the size, will create more moments of freedom–more opportunities to dance in the rain.

Will give the gift of freedom this holiday season?