Stock Our Shelves

Stock Our Shelves

Rally your friends, co-workers, businesses, churches and/or families to help Stock Our Shelves in 2017! What is it? Each month the Covering...

Put the Cost of Caring to Bed

In 2015, 57% of our girls had no funding source. This means The Covering House covered 100% of the therapeutic, educational, medical and personal care for the majority of the girls in our long-term therapeutic home. As you can imagine, those costs add up quickly. Click the photo to donate today.

Shop For Freedom

Show your support for The Covering House! Proceeds from The Covering House Shop for Freedom go to expand our services so we can help more girls.

Amazon Smile

Interested in supporting The Covering House while shopping on Amazon? Click the photo to learn more about this simple way to support The Covering House today.

Help 100 children for their education

63% Donated/$110,333 To Go
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