Sherrita Allen

Sherrita Allen PLPC was promoted to the position of Program Director at The Covering House. Sherrita has 21 years of experience working with at risk youth in Missouri. She has served The Covering House in several capacities over the last 4 years. She has worked as House Manager, Therapist, and Administrator of Community Base Services. Sherrita’s years of experience, insight, and knowledge on trauma informed therapy, along with her fierce compassion to help youth, makes her the perfect person to lead our clinical, educational, and community base teams. I am deeply grateful for her leadership. Sherrita, coupled with her teams, will make a strong eternal impact on the lives of The Covering House girls.

Jessica Lydon

Jessica Lydon was promoted to Manager of Personnel Development for The Covering House. Jessica first started as a Youth Development Specialist. She then was hired to Administrative Assistant. Jessica’s strong work ethic exceeds all expectations. Often, Jessica arrives early and leaves late. She will be the first to volunteer for extra shifts or additional duties without every complaining. Her servant’s heart and her willingness to help in any capacity has made The Covering House a better place. Jessica will now focus her energies and skills on creating a strong healthy workplace for our team.

Jasma Starks

Jasma Starks has been hired to fill our Lead Teacher Position. Ms. Jasma was first hired as our Coordinator of Experiential Learning two years ago. Circumstances required Ms. Jasma to resign from that position, but she never lost contact with The Covering House. She volunteered her time and worked with us as PRN staff. Because of her servant’s heart and her love for The Covering House girls, we knew immediately that Ms. Jasma was the perfect person to teach our girls. In just a few short weeks, we have seen such a difference in the classroom. We have no doubt that Ms. Jasma will prepare our students for transitioning back into community schools.

Suzy Clark

Suzette Clark was promoted to House Manager for The Covering House. Ms. Suzy has worked with The Covering House for two and a half years. Her dedication to excellence and her attention to detail makes Suzy the absolute best choice for House Manager. Along with her strong work ethic, Suzy shows up day after day with a smile on her face and a warm inviting demeanor. Her devotion to our girls is evident as she holds them when they are crying, writhing in pain, or homesick. Her desire to see our girls get to be “kids” is evident when she shows up with kites to fly, helps them sew headbands, and teaches them how to bake. We can’t think of a more deserving person to fulfill our House Manager role.

Jesse Banner

Jesse Banner is now our Coordinator of Experiential Learning and Recreation. Mr. Jesse has worked with The Covering House for over a year. He has faithfully worked the evening shift along with weekends. Jesse works the evening shift with quiet leadership. No matter the situation, Jesse leads with a firm, compassionate hand. He is articulate, funny and creative. Mr. Jesse will be reporting to Ms. Jasma, and they will work together to prepare our girls for their future.