Founder’s Corner – Our First Graduate from The Covering House

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Our First Graduate from The Covering House

She walked in on a red carpet carrying a bouquet of flowers. The room was decorated in an Old Hollywood theme with twinkle lights, Casablanca posters and a photo corner where you could get your picture taken with Marilyn Monroe (her favorite actress). The buffet consisted of food that any 15 year old would request…popcorn, nachos, wings, cake and candy.

Approximately 50 people were there to help her celebrate her graduation from our Long Term Therapeutic Program. After a year of being with us, she will transition out of our house and back to hers.

Different staff shared experiences. One told about her fear of horses during equine therapy, but by the last session she was able to interact with the horses. Lindsey spoke about meeting her for the first time in court and her undeniable likability. They hit it off right away and bonded quickly. And, I shared about our mutual love for double stuffed Oreos. She is a girl after my own heart.

However, when Debra (not her real name) stood up to share, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

She thanked me for following through on my vision for The Covering House.

She thanked Sherrita for always being there for her when she needed her.

She thanked Lindsey for always being honest and speaking the truth to her even when she didn’t want to hear it.

But the most poignant part of the night was when she shared about the moment she realized that she wasn’t “dumb” (her words not mine). She said, “I may not be an A student, but I can learn.”

This statement may not seem significant to you but to us this is a huge milestone. Most of our girls when asked to share how they see themselves or how they believe others view them will say dumb, ugly and a few more things that I will not mention.

For her to say “I can learn” let us know that she is believing in herself and for Annie, our Administrator of Education, no sweeter words could be uttered. The impact that Annie has made on Debra’s life is unmeasurable. She has instilled in Debra the belief in herself and the love of learning.

All of these special moments that we get to experience is because of generous compassionate people like you. We absolutely can’t do this without you.

As we enter into the giving season please take a few minutes to view our new video.

The Power of Giving

On Tuesday, December 1st, The Covering House will participate in a nationwide Giving Tuesday Campaign.

I hope on that Tuesday or anytime in December you would consider giving to The Covering House as we continue to see new milestones with our girls and also reach out to help additional girls. Like last year we have tax credits available which can double your impact with no additional money out of your pocket. Please consider an end of the year gift. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see updates from the campaign throughout the day on December 1st.

I sincerely thank you.


Dedee Lhamon Founder and President

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