Founder’s Corner – Monday Morning 9:05 a.m. and 3 Referrals

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I walked into the office today and before I could open my computer, pour my coffee, or even put my lunch in the refrigerator, we had 3 referrals from 3 different sources…a parent, a hospital, and a social service agency.

I take a deep breath and contact Lindsey. She was already meeting with a client, had an appointment to meet another and then I send her 3 more referrals. I think to myself, ‘well, at least they are seeking us out for services.’

At the end of 2014, we had provided services for 36 girls since opening in January 2013. From January of 2015 to date, we have received an additional 25 referrals.

While I hate that The Covering House services have to exist, I am thankful for the opportunity to care for the girls who need it the most. Girls who have shattered hearts because they have been betrayed by so many; girls who can’t enjoy the little pleasures in life because of having their childhood stolen; girls who have so much fear that they want to run from everyone and everything.

Those of us working here feel the weight of responsibility for these girls and the blessings of being allowed to know them and walk this journey with them.

When you step away from their story, they are really just kids who love to play board games, watch movies and have their nails polished.

Our goal is to help them regain some childhood and find pure enjoyment in being a kid.

Consider helping The Covering House by running in honor of a trafficking survivor at our Race for Refuge on September 5, 2015.

Sign Up…Create a Team…Run or Walk…Help a Girl.

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I am grateful for this journey,


Dedee Lhamon

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