One of the things we do for each girl, within a week of her arriving, is to prepare her favorite meal. With the recent arrival of Tina  (not her real name), she, the other girls, and staff shared her favorite meal, pot roast, around our big farm table.
I try to imagine how she felt. My guess is that she probably had conflicting emotions running through her head and heart.
What I do know is that she will be provided an opportunity for healing. She will receive counseling from a qualified, caring therapist. She will have an opportunity to play games, read books, and receive an education. She will get to go on field trips to the history museum, ride horses and even attend maybe her first St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Game. She will be loved unconditionally and know that The Covering House team is there to walk this journey with her for however long it takes.They will celebrate with her as she works through her goals and phases towards healing.They will hold her and cry with her when her trauma triggers flashbacks and nightmares.
I feel privileged to work alongside such an amazing team of people.
In 2015, 57% of our girls had no funding source. This means The Covering House absorbed all the costs of caring for these girls.
Right now, we have one girl in our care that has no funding source. We have taken her because she is a perfect fit for our program and she is soaring in her education and working through her healing process. Once she leaves our program, her goal is to go to community college and get a part-time job. She wants to become an Equine Therapist. We also have a referral for another private case, a girl with no funding, yet we can’t accept her until we secure some funding.
I have a goal of raising $108,582 by September 1, 2016 to cover the complete cost of caring for 2 girls.
I am asking you to consider investing in The Covering House and the healing and future of our girls.
With deepest gratitude, I thank you.
Deidre Lhamon
Founder & President of The Board

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