Congratulations to Ms. Ronni DuBois, a Youth Development Specialist at the long-term therapeutic home.

She is dependable and consistent. Ms. Ronni is a positive influence and example for the residents. She is happy when she comes to work and is open to whatever activity that is scheduled. Ms. Ronni is firm but caring and giving to each resident if it is a hug or a talk that is needed. She is an asset to TCH.
Ronni has done an amazing job in the long term therapeutic home with the girls. She makes it her business to be available and help out as much as possible. Ronni has made The Covering House her second home and gone above and beyond to make sure the girls are well taken care of and safe. Ronni always has a positive attitude, ready and willing to learn. She is a valuable asset to The Covering House.

Congratulations, Ms.Ronni!

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