Welcome, Citi Employees!

Thank you for your support! The Covering House provides refuge and restoration using the least restrictive environment for sexually exploited and trafficked children and teens, providing safety, dignity, and freedom, utilizing tip-level staffing and oversight.

As we navigate our strategy through recent developments and safety measures to prevent the continued and rapid spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), our priority is to do our part to keep everyone safe while we move forward with The Covering House’s growth plan and ensuring continuity of care for our children.

To help us Cover Her Now, your donation will be applied toward basic care expenses, experiential education, clinical mental health component of our Cover Care Program and Community-Based Services we provide to the kids and families in our care. These programs provide aftercare and prevention tools to children and teens who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited and sexually trafficked within the St. Louis/Metro area, as well as throughout Missouri. Our goal is to give these kids normalcy, reimburse missed childhood experiences, and surround them with the comforts of a healthy home as they heal from their trauma.  We thank you for all you do to support them.

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