Community Based Services

The Covering House provides services for girls who are not in need of care in a long-term home. These services include counseling, group therapy, case management, life skills classes, summer day camps, mentoring and tutoring, as well as support for caregivers through our Supportive Adults Program.

Our Unique Approach

Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling will be offered by clinically licensed counselors utilizing our Holistic Approach which incorporates Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Relational Cultural Theory, and Seeking Safety. Each client in The Covering House program will receive an individualized treatment plan developed by her counselor and treatment team.
Tutoring Services
If needed, The Covering House is able to provide tutoring for our girls receiving out-client services. In the past, with the help of our volunteers, this has been a very successful component of the girls experience at The Covering House.
Group Therapy
Our program, written by a social worker who is also a survivor of sex trafficking, is divided into two phases. The first phase explores the meaning of safety and self-care as well as feelings and fear identification. The second phase focuses on developing self-awareness and efficacy as well as establishing appropriate boundaries and connection within relationships.
Experiential Learning
Experiential classes help our girls find and create meaning from everyday activities. This can include anything from nutrition education and culinary skills to gardening. Additional experiential classes may include financial stability, wellness, rights and responsibilities as an adult, photography, drama, Bible study and others.
Supportive Adults
The Covering House also recognizes the importance of the client’s home environment and social support system to their recovery. The Supportive Adults Program is a 9 session curriculum developed by The Covering House to address the unique needs of the adults in the lives of our clients. The Supportive Adults Program incorporates elements of a support group for caregivers and psychoeducation about trauma, grief & loss, and the role of caregivers in the healing process. In addition, participants gain important skills to enhance their communication with their child and address their own anxiety as they support the client in treatment.