Devotees. Allies. Defenders.

Men can help end sexual exploitation.  The Covering House is calling on healthy men to stand with us to protect, provide, and serve the survivors in our care.  By stepping up to become educated and raise awareness, men can help prevent sexual exploitation and trafficking on minors in our community.

Buyers drive the market that makes child sexual exploitation lucrative for controllers and traffickers. Few buyers face serious consequences. As men are the most common offenders, it is the men like D.A.D.s who will make the change. It begins and ends with YOU. 

The Covering House is calling on healthy men who will pledge to:

  1. Sign the TCH petition to stand as advocates, and commit their hearts, minds, and resources to defend exploited youth and children.
  2. Donate to The Covering House projects or organize fundraising events. Do not underestimate the value of your contribution. These funds will significantly impact the work the TCH does.
  3. Raise Awareness about the perils of commercial sex trafficking and exploitation of children to other males in their community.
  4. Stay Up-To-Date by increasing their knowledge to identify the signs of sex trafficking in vulnerable youth.
  5. Reduce the Risk through training and education opportunities to protect kids and survivors of domestic child sex trafficking.
Donate to D.A.D.s

The Power of Healthy Male Impact

It's time to get with the program. Healthy males across the country can band together to END the trafficking industries that men have historically cultivated. BE the solution.

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View the commitment to take a stand against human trafficking, the world’s second largest criminal enterprise!

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Sign the D.A.D.s Pledge

Make the commitment to become a Devotee, Ally, and Defender of all young victims of commercial sex trafficking and exploitation.

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Donate to D.A.D.s

Donate to The Covering House projects and fundraising initiative to provide essential resources for the children in our care.