Founder’s Corner- 12 Year Old Girls for Placement

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Last week was Gretchen Day’s last day with us at The Covering House. She has resigned her position as Administrative Assistant to become a stay at home mother. Because she will be missed, I organized a farewell lunch for her at a restaurant of her choice. She decided on The Cheesecake Factory. Nice choice.

I sent out an email to staff letting them know the place and time. Lindsey was very busy last week training new staff, so I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t have time to email me back. I decided to call her.

I asked if she was able to come.

Lindsey, “Probably not…I have several referrals to address.”

I could tell a difference in her voice. She sounded very concerned.

Me, “Something up?”

Lindsey, “I have several referrals for placement and 2 are 12 years old.”

I knew immediately why she was concerned. Our home is designed for 13-17 year olds…not 12 year olds.

Sometimes I wonder if you get weary of me asking for donations.

It is never easy for me to ask. But here I am again with “hat in hand” asking. We need to be able to expand our services…we need more beds to help more children and teens.

I’m being direct. Your donations are greatly needed.

Please give to The Covering House today. Please give on a monthly basis. Please help us help these girls.


Thank you in advance.


Dedee Lhamon Founder and President


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