A Father’s Love Runs Deep

I remember the day that I received a call from a worried father. The authorities had just notified him that they found his daughter in another state. He had dropped everything, left work, and was driving 1,200 miles to bring her home. As he talked to me, he shared stories about her love for horses and how she was attending church. His voice would occasionally break, and he repeated himself many times. “How could this happen?” “Why did this happen?” These are common questions that we hear over and over at The Covering House. I had no answers. He just needed to talk, and the least I could do was listen.

Honestly, I already knew about “Sarah” because federal authorities had already contacted us about placement. At one point, as I continued to talk with her dad, he said, “I will sell my house if I have to. Should I sell my house to help pay?”
I told him, no, you don’t need to sell your house. Your daughter is welcome at our home.
“I don’t know what to say. Thank you. Thank you.”

I knew this man didn’t need to be shackled with another burden. Facing his daughter’s trauma was more pain than he could handle right now.

From the beginning, we have cared for many girls within our home who had no funding source. How can we turn a girl away because she or her family can’t afford our services? For too long, her worth has been tied to money. Not this time… We will find a way to make it work.

Your support allows girls like “Sarah” to receive the services she needs to heal and provide fathers like hers with peace of mind.
By the way, “Sarah” is doing very well.

I have talked, hugged, comforted, and supported too many parents through the hardest time in their life.
Since the beginning of March, we have received 12 referrals, four didn’t have any funding source, and the youngest was ten years old. Every time we have to turn a girl away, my heart breaks.

I am humbly asking for your help. We need to get our new facility open. We need people who can give immediate impact funds. We also need to continue to cover the cost of caring for these girls, so we need ongoing monthly support.
Please consider giving.

On behalf of the girls we serve, I thank you.



Deidre Lhamon, Founder and Executive Director
The Covering House

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