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We at The Covering House often measure success in inches not miles.

Success to us is…

…when a girl understands that daily hygiene is important because her trafficking started at the age of 7 and she never had someone to care for her.

…when a girl is finally able to sleep through the night without nightmares and flashbacks.

…when the girls run out to your car and greet you with, “Miss Dedee we wrote poetry in school today. Can we read them to you?”

Measuring success this way is critical. The brutality of the trauma our girls have endured can stunt them emotionally and paralyze them mentally. So the simplest decisions for us, such as “What should I wear today,” might be difficult for them.

However, for staff who work with the girls on a daily basis, recognizing pronounced growth can get lost in the day to day activities. Sometimes it takes a person who knows a client well, but hasn’t seen her in 8 months, to point out the exceptional growth.

Below is an email I received from a woman who is an advocate for one of our clients. (I don’t provide the name but use the initials of our girl.)



I haven’t stopped talking about you guys and the work you’re doing and how amazing SH is doing since I got back on Monday.

I just truly can’t get over the difference and transformation in SH… you all have empowered her to be the person she was meant to be.  When she arrived she was a hard, closed, dark, unhappy, broken girl and now she has this glow about her! It’s remarkable the progress that she’s made. I know she had to do the work but you guys gave her the tools to get there.

I literally sat there in awe watching her talk and listen as she would tell us about her songs and her poems and her artwork and her concerns coming home and what she knows she needs to work through and still work on…basically… I saw life in her… A sparkle that wasn’t there when she arrived in January!!!

What you guys do is truly amazing and is very much needed! As an advocate seeing SH now is the best reward ever! I was one who fought to get her there and am so thankful I did!!!

The Covering House is truly unique – it’s everything I had pictured in my mind and more…. it’s not a “facility” it’s truly a home… I kind of refer to it as a “bridge” from where they are –to helping them get to where they need to be to function in society and ultimately helping them get to where God wants them to be. You are showing and teaching the girls how to be “normal.”

Every girl, not just girls that are trafficked, need to be empowered and feel empowered to be able to reach their full potential— and that’s what you’re doing!

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do… I wholeheartedly believe you have saved SH and I’m so excited to see what lies ahead in her future! I see big things for her with her gift of writing poems and songs and her artwork… She truly has found her calling. She did the work but you gave her the place, and the time, and the grace, and the love, to get there…

If there’s anything I can ever do to help, please let me know… You definitely have a huge advocate and cheerleader for The Covering House in me! I’m hoping you’ll have another one of the girls I’m working with soon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


 Addie Wood
Attorney at Law

I cried when I read this email from Addie. Our girls are healing…they are growing…they are feeling “normal.”

For those who support us through financial resources, in-kind donations, volunteer hours, and prayer, I am deeply grateful.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity and ask for your support. If you aren’t giving already to The Covering House, please consider helping us provide care to other girls like SH. 91 people giving $1.66 a day/$50.00 a month, would Cover the Cost of One Bed. Please click here to help.

Thanking God for you and all our partners,

Dedee Lhamon







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