Founder’s Corner – Our Goals for 2017

“I always like to share with you my wonderful classroom moments, and although today was full of them, I had one that stuck out in my mind. Today, we began reading A Christmas Carol. When Tammy began to read, I sat in awe as this young lady, beautifully and articulately, read the words on the page. This may not seem like a big feat to many, however, I remember back to her first months here when she was reading at a significant lower level and stumbled over most words at the early middle school level. [Tammy was 17 years old when she came to The Covering House.] I remember the frustrated looks and hesitancy to read in front of her peers. Today was different. I was amazed at her progress and commented about it. Another resident with wide-eyes agreed whole-heartily with me. Tammy was all smiles as she received our compliments and seemed to grow 10 inches with confidence and pride. I know these girls are making progress, but sometimes these small moments sneak up on me and shock me. Wow! Education is powerful!”                                                                                         –Andrea Ellis, Administrator of Education

Tammy entered our program with only 10 high school credits. In May of 2017, Tammy will not only graduate The Covering House program but she will also graduate high school. This is the same young lady who, on her 18th birthday, said through tears that she never thought she would live to see her 18th birthday, and now she is on track to graduate high school and is looking forward to continuing her education after graduation.

Our Program is Working!

Unfortunately, we are barely scratching the surface in meeting the needs of this problem. The need is not declining; in fact, it is critical for us to expand our services. After meeting with law enforcement, medical professionals and the courts, we recognize the greatest gap in services in our community. The gap in services is a place for kids who are rescued straight off the streets or out of hotel rooms. The severity of their trauma can lead to behaviors such as aggression, suicidal tendencies, and chronic running, so a secured facility is critical for stabilization in order to prepare them for our program.

The Covering House has Several Goals in Our Strategic Plan for 2017

  • We will begin the process of researching locations for a multi-building campus which will provide various levels of service from our community-based services, to homes for girls who are stabilized and participating in our program, to highly restricted and secure facilities for those girls who need intense care.
  • We plan to launch a mentoring program for both the residents of our therapeutic home and our community-based service clients.
  • We plan to begin a high school internship program not only to encourage interest in social services, but also promote awareness of trafficking and exploitation.
  • Additionally, it is our goal for the girls in our long-term therapeutic home to launch their own business enterprise.

We are asking you to support The Covering House and its efforts to expand services, keep our beds full, and help girls heal. Please consider:

  • Put the Cost of Caring to Bed by donating $50.00 a month. If 91 people gave $50.00 a month, we could cover the complete cost of one girl in our long term therapeutic home.
  • Cover the Cost of Community Based Care by donating $25.00 a month. If 13 people gave $25.00 a month we could cover the cost of one client’s therapeutic care through our community base services.
  • Large one-time gift to help us launch new services and expand care for more girls. We need people willing to donate $5,000. $10,000, $20,000 or more in order to increase services.

“When she arrived she was a hard, closed, dark, unhappy, broken girl and now she has this glow about her! It’s remarkable the progress that she’s made. I know she had to do the work but you guys gave her the tools to get there. I literally sat there in awe watching her talk and listen as she would tell us about her songs and her poems and her artwork and her concerns coming home and what she knows she needs to work through and still work on…basically… I saw life in her… A sparkle that wasn’t there when she arrived!”

Addie, Client Advocate and Attorney-at-Law after visiting a her client at The Covering House

We are so grateful for the generous support of our partners because it allows us to hire top-level staff, provide specialized therapies, and experiential outings as part of a trauma-informed, holistic approach to care—all of the things that make The Covering House so comforting to the girls living here.

Whether is it monthly support or a one-time gift, we need your help.

On behalf of our girls, we sincerely thank you.


Dedee Lhamon,
Founder and President

Tax Credits Available

  • Champions for Children provides up to 50% back in tax credits for any donations over $100.00. (Requires Missouri tax liability)
  • Domestic Shelter provides guaranteed 50% back in tax credits. These credits are set aside for any donation over $5,000. The Covering House has $40.816.32 in tax credits. (Requires Missouri tax liability)
  • Tax credits can be used by corporations, businesses and individuals.

Donations can be made to:

The Covering House
PO Box 12206
St. Louis, MO 63157

Online giving:

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