Celebrating life is what we do best here at The Covering House. We find every opportunity to show each girl how worthy she is of love and respect.

We celebrate the moment they walk in the door with a huge Welcome Home sign that hangs on the front porch. She is then shown to her bedroom where she finds a welcome home basket on her bed. The basket will have towels and washcloths of her very own, along with personal items and a note.

We celebrate birthdays. Each girl gets to pick where she wants to celebrate her birthday…sometimes it is roller skating…sometimes it is at the park…sometimes it is eating mediocre pizza and playing token games at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Our Cover Care Program that the girls walk through for a year is built around change from the inside out and not a behavior modification program. We recognize that the outburst of anger or the attitude of disrespect often stems from more than just “normal” teenage angst. We dig deeper than the outward behavior to understand the depth of the trauma leading to the inappropriate behavior. The root cause is the issue…not the behavior. Our girls walk through 5 Phases of Recovery.

The Beginning: the first month allows the girl to adjust to therapy, establish physical safety, and set basic goals.

The Journey: helps her define safety and identify safe people and learn self-care.

Figuring Out Who I Am: empowers her to begin making her own choices and advocating for herself.

Courage: the girl learns the importance of facing her trauma, and how to move forward.

Moving On: the girl must identify what obstacles might prevent her from reconnecting.

Finishing Well: focuses on the re-connection. She learns how to make good choices, and express her needs.

With the completion of each phase, I take her out to dinner to celebrate. We call it the “Phase Up Meal.”

What I so desperately want people to realize is how difficult it can be for our girls to accept that she is worthy of love and respect. While many of our girls have experienced physical abuse along with the sexual abuse of trafficking, it is the psychological abuse that is often hardest to overcome. When you are told daily that you are stupid, worthless and called a whore, slut or even much worse, the damage runs deep and it can take a lifetime to heal.

Yet, we have the privilege of getting to walk this journey with them and get a glimpse of the healing process. So many times I have wanted our partners and supporters to be able to see what I see.

I know that you would be as inspired as I am at the courage of our girls.

We are excited to announce that we have created a way for our partners and supporters to be able to get a glance into our girls’ daily journey. We are launching a new monthly giving program called the Quilt Square Society which will not only provide a glimpse into the lives of our girls but also allow us to cover the cost of caring for them.

By joining QSS you will remain in constant contact with TCH through behind-the-scenes monthly emails such as “Monthly Moments,” recipe of the month, and monthly outings. Getting to see behind the scenes will allow you to have a visible account of how your monthly contributions are changing lives for the better. We are introducing 5 Tiers of Giving, and if you give to QSS, you will receive a special gift of thanks.

Tier One: Comforts of Home – $5.00

It’s all about the little things. Our day-to-day lives are filled with small details that provide us comfort. From an early morning cup of joe to a cup hot tea to wind the day down. All these small comforts provide us pleasure in life. Our girls often need these “sensory” items to help them regulate and cope with their past trauma and addictions.

Tier Two: Kid’s Play – $15.00

Kicking a ball, jumping rope, riding a bike, and visiting the zoo are the simple pleasures that so many of our youth missed during their childhoods. It is a goal of The Covering House to help our youth recapture some of their childhood and that is why every Friday is an outing day. We visit museums, the zoo, the Science Center and more. We go to the park where they fly kites, play on the swings, and have a picnic.

“I believe in the mission of TCH and I am proud to partner with them on a continuing basis. The importance of committing to giving monthly allows TCH to continue providing a safe place where we can help restore the innocence stolen from these precious children” – recurring donor

Tier Three: Nurturing Minds – $25.00

100% of The Covering House girls have a gap in their education. Gaps can occur because of being kept out of school, being singled out and bullied while in school, or like some of our girls, being trafficked while living at home and attending school. Whatever the reason our girls come to us with school scars that create a barrier for learning and a fear to try. Education is a key component of our program.

“The leadership and staff of TCH are extremely caring, supportive, and dedicated to providing teens and children with empowered futures. My initial decision to give was fueled by my desire to support children and teens who are being exploited in the worst possible way.” -recurring donor

Tier Four: Healing Hearts – $50.00

Therapy is the cornerstone of our care for healing the hearts and souls of our girls. We provide traditional therapy such as individual, groups, and family but we, also, have specialized therapies such as equine therapy, horticulture, and art. The combination of all of these therapies provides our kids tools to process their trauma.

“I continue to give because TCH has created a unique group of volunteers and partners that provide happiness, in a dignified way, to so many. I am proud to give and to be a part of this amazing community” –recurring donor

Safety, Dignity, Freedom – $100.00

Our motto is Safety, Dignity, Freedom. The Covering House was founded with the idea that all children deserve respect. Over the course of our short life as an organization, we have worked with over 70 kids at our long-term therapeutic home and across the community.

“ ‘Safety’ – My mind seeks safety because safety wasn’t always an option.

‘Dignity’ – I carry my dignity like a badge of honor.

‘Freedom’ – Caging a sparrow to admire its beauty destroys its chance at having
                                                                            -JP, 18, survivor

I am asking each person reading this to consider helping in one of three ways:

First, if you already give to us monthly, please consider increasing your amount. Even a $5.00 increase can help.

Second, if you currently give but not monthly, please consider giving to us on a monthly basis. We want to be good stewards of the money we receive, and monthly donations allow us to budget our funds.

Third, if you don’t give to us, please consider supporting us monthly. Choose a Tier that you feel comfortable with giving and help us help more girls.

We can’t provide the life-changing care to these girls without the help of many. I am deeply grateful for each and every person who selflessly gives to us. To join us on this journey of love, visit www.TheCoveringHouse.org/QSS.

On behalf of our beautiful girls, I thank you.



Founder and Executive Director

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