Time flies so quickly.  We are already six months into the year.  The Covering House family makes strategic moves every day to enrich the healing process and lives of the girls in our care.  For those who have been with TCH from the very beginning to all of the warriors who have subsequently worked with and for the organization, it’s an extraordinary thing to come to the realization that The Covering House will recognize 10 years of service to the community in November.  As our faithful friends, donors, and supporters know, we’ve come so far in the battle against Human Sex Trafficking and sexual exploitation.  But obviously, we still have such a long road ahead.

When Dedee and Greg Lhamon founded The Covering House in 2009, they began this journey as parents to two young girls. The first step in the process was (and remains to this day) spreading awareness. The epidemic of Human Sex Trafficking and exploitation is an evil that requires both men and women to be significant contributors in the fight. The Covering House needs MEN, more men like Greg Lhamon, to be active participants in becoming informed, spreading awareness, providing resources for The Covering House to expand its services, and defending the girls who have suffered the trauma and abuse of sexual exploitation.

This Father’s Day Weekend, The Covering House will be unveiling its newest campaign that calls on stand-up, healthy men to partner with us. D.A.D.s is a collective of healthy male advocates working to protect kids from sexual exploitation.  D.A.D.s are

Devotees – to the cause of fighting Human Sex Trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors.

Allies – to The Covering House, who seek to provide restoration and refuge to young victims of sex trafficking.

Defenders – of the girls who are in our care, as well as all minors who suffer from this trauma.

The Covering House is calling on healthy men who will pledge to:

  1. Sign the TCH pledge to stand as advocates, and commit their hearts, minds, and resources to defend exploited youth and children.
  2. Donate to The Covering House projects or organize fundraising events. Do not underestimate the value of your contribution. These funds will significantly impact the work the TCH does.
  3. Raise awareness about the perils of commercial sex trafficking and exploitation of children to other males in their community.
  4. Stay Up-To-Date by increasing their knowledge to identify the signs of sex trafficking in vulnerable youth.
  5. Reduce the Risk through training and education opportunities to protect kids and survivors of domestic child sex trafficking.

The D.A.D.s campaign launches on Friday, June 14th! Follow on social media for details, videos, informative posts, donation challenges, and special promotions as we countdown to launch on Father’s Day Weekend!  Please join us and spread the word to the healthy men in your life who are willing to step up.  Men who understand and nurture healthy, safe relationships can help. You don’t have to be a father to be a D.A.D.


Whitney B. Wallace
Director of Development
The Covering House

To Read More about The Covering House’s “Monthly Moments,” Visit: https://conta.cc/2R8sFmK

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