Quilt Square society

The Quilt Square Society is our monthly giving program designed to provide you the opportunity to support young survivors of human trafficking within the United States.

With a focus on bringing supporters into our TCH family, the Quilt Square Society gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the day to day moments that make working with these kids such a unique and incredible opportunity. We call this, “Monthly Moments”.

Monthly Moments

Laugh. Cry. Be Proud. Enjoy our “Monthly Moments” written directly by our staff and girls describing life at The Covering House.

Steak baguette. S’mores Crunch Wrap. Make some of our girls’ favorite dishes for your loved ones with our “Monthly Recipe” chosen by the girls straight from our menu.

Learn of interesting places to visit through our favorite “Monthly Outing”.

Enjoy early registration to our exclusive events and learn more about the issue and the efforts we are taking to combat human trafficking.

The Quilt Square Society will allow you to see how your monthly contributions are changing lives for the better. Join Now.

Comforts of Home – $5.00/Month
It’s all about the little things. Our day-to-day lives are filled with small details that provide us comfort. From an early morning cup of joe to a cup hot tea to wind the day down. All these small comforts provide us pleasure in life. Our girls often need these “sensory” items to help them regulate and cope with their past trauma and addictions.
“I believe in the mission of TCH and I am proud to partner with them on a continuing basis. The importance of committing to giving monthly allows TCH to continue providing a safe place where we can help restore the innocence stolen from these precious children” – Cathy