Supportive Adults

What is Supportive Adults?

The Covering House also recognizes the importance of the client’s home environment and social support system to their recovery. The Supportive Adults Program is a 9 session curriculum developed by The Covering House to address the unique needs of the adults in the lives of our clients. The Supportive Adults Program incorporates elements of a support group for caregivers and psychoeducation about trauma, grief & loss, and the role of caregivers in the healing process. In addition, participants gain important skills to enhance their communication with their child and address their own anxiety as they support the client in treatment. 

While The Supportive Adults Program was originally developed for caregivers, it has been adapted for service providers that are interested in gaining more information about working with our clients. The information presented in Supportive Adults is available to case workers, teachers, health professionals, police officers, attorneys, and others who may work with survivors of sexual trafficking or exploitation. 

Your Response Does Matter

The response of the child’s social support system, and particularly the child’s mother, is perhaps the most important factor in determining the child outcomes and is more important than objective elements of the victimization itself.” – A Cook