cover her now

Cover Her Now

A Funding Campaign for the Covering House

We operate a residential home for minor girls who are victims of sex-trafficking, and our girls need you.

We’ve all seen the crippling effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on small businesses across the country.

Businesses have closed.
Employees have been laid off.
Events have been canceled.

But non-profits like The Covering House have been hit particularly hard.

We Cannot Close Our Doors

Our home is filled with precious girls who have suffered unimaginable trauma.

We will not — cannot — release them onto the streets. They need us. 

We Can't Layoff Essential Staff

These girls require 24/7 care. Our counselors and therapists are irreplaceable in helping our girls overcome their trauma.

And yet, we were forced to postpone our 4th Annual Dine for Dignity Gala due to the pandemic. The gala is responsible for over 21% of our annual budget.

That’s over $250,000 in critical operating capital. 

So, we are in desperate need of partners to step up and help these girls!

Please give generously.

Raise the Banner Toolkit

The “Raise the Banner Toolkit” is a free resource for individuals who will help us COVER HER NOW. Here, you will find everything you need to share your story. Instructions are included to help you make a commitment and make a difference!


How Your Contribution Helps

To help us Cover Her Now, your donation will be applied toward basic care expenses, experiential education, clinical mental health component of our Cover Care Program and Community-Based Services we provide to the kids and families in our care. These programs provide aftercare and prevention tools to children and teens who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited and sexually trafficked within the St. Louis/Metro area, as well as throughout Missouri. 

Our goal is to give these kids normalcy, reimburse missed childhood experiences, and surround them with the comforts of a healthy home as they heal from their trauma.  We thank you for all you do to support us in this mission. 

Thank you for your support

Connect with us

The Covering House | P.O. Box 12206,
St. Louis, MO 63157
(314) 962-3450