D.A.D.s Campaign Debuts

Healthy Men Can Help Us Change a Life Today

Devotee – Become a devotee to the cause of ending the sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors.

Ally – Stand with The Covering House to advocate for youth and children whose lives have been affected by Human Sex Trafficking.

Defender – Pledge to defend the girls in our care, hold other men accountable, and denounce all forms of the commercial sex industry.

Commercial sex trafficking and exploitation crimes endanger the safety, dignity, and freedom of hundreds of thousands of children across the United States, often with devastating and tragic effects.  D.A.D.s is a collective of healthy male advocates working to protect kids from sexual exploitation.

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Exciting Changes Coming to TCH

We’re preparing to open the new campus later this year! You can see what we’re up to and how you can help.

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Join Quilt Square Society Today!

The Quilt Square Society is our monthly giving program designed to provide you the opportunity to support young survivors of human trafficking within the United States.

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Our Story

During the fall of 2008, our founder, Deidre was exposed to a documentary on human sex-trafficking. This film discussed the issue both abroad and then locally to the United States. Deidre was pierced by the reality of trafficking happening in our country and was heartbroken that there were very few resources available for today’s young survivors. From there The Covering House was born.

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